Hi Beauties,

My name is Sharan. I am a business management graduate with a major in human resources. I created this blog after dealing with acne for 3 years. During this time I tried and tested an array of products, creams & even treatments. It is now 2017 and my journey of acne has come to an almost complete end (I still breakout here and there) so I thought of using this platform to share my experiences, research & knowledge that I gained over these years.

Skin care has become a passion by accident. Growing up I never cared for my skin till I was literally forced to after constantly breaking out and then having to deal with scarring, redness, dry and oily skin. I am well aware that dealing with any kind of skin problem can be hard, it can effect daily life & even confidence, I know it effected mine, but I truly hope that as a reader you find my blog posts useful, knowledgeable and informative in any way possible.