How Almonds Benefit Your Skin

Most of us know that eating a daily dose of almonds is great for the overall body. Almonds are known to improve brain funcitoning, promote weight loss, help the digestive system, strengthen bones & prevent diabetes. What’s less known of a fact is that almonds are also excellent for the skin. Almonds contain a high source of antioxidants and vitamin E, A and B that benefit the skin by:
a) Improving the skin tone
b) Slowing down the skin’s aging process
c) Fighting free radicals
d) Preventing inflammation
e) Nourishing the skin
f) Eliminating toxins that cause acne
g) Generating new skin cells
Now incase you are allergic to almonds (nuts) or just dislike eating them, not to worry becuase you can still reap the benfeits of almonds by using natural almond oil on the surface of the skin as an alternative. This will benefit the skin by:
a) reducing dark circles
b) treating dry skin
b) reducing scarring
d) removing black and white heads
e) improve the skins glow
d) improve complexion
e) reduce fine lines and wrinkles
f) fade stretch marks
g) soothe irritated skin
And there you have it! Almonds are one of the best natural foods to eat or use for better and impoved skin.

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