What Causes Acne?

Those red inflamed, sometimes painful pimples on the surface of your skin can be a nightmare. To get a better understanding of why they occur in the first place, I have noted down 6 possible reasons.

1. Hormones
Hormones produce acne by a) increasing the production of sebum b) clogging pores with dead skin cells and c) producing bacteria. This often occurs when hormones are unstable during the time of puberty, the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

2. Heredity
Genes play a major role in determining how the body functions. If your parents dealt with acne it is possible that you will too.

3. Face Oils
Not all oils are suitable for the skin. If an oil is low in linoleic acid and high in oleic acid it is likely to clog pores and cause breakouts. The best oils to use are grapeseed, sunflower and rosehip.

4. Stress
High stress levels disrupt hormones which makes you more prone to breakouts.

5. Germs From Your Hands
Touching your face after using your phone, opening door handles and handeling cash transfers germs on to the face which causes acne.

6. Dairy
Dairy can effect hormones, increase inflammation and encourage the production of oil glands to clog pores and cause acne.

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24 thoughts on “What Causes Acne?

  1. Great post Sharan! I too suffered from acne for many years. I’m in my mid-forties and still get it. You mentioned grapeseed oil. This oil truly works, it must have healing power. It really makes my skin glow after a night time application!

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    • Hi Diana! Thank you for reading! I hope this post helped in understanding what the cause of your acne might be. Yes grapeseed oil is one of my all time favourite skin care products. It’s all natural, it doesn’t clog pores and it has so many other skin benefits. I actually have a blog post up with all of the benefits listed 😊

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