Warning: Using Lemon On Your Face

In the skin care world, lemons are recognized for their amazing skin benefits. Lemons contain anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that fight acne, remove blackheads and diminish dead skin cells. Lemons are also very high in vitamin c and citric acid, which makes them highly effective in decreasing pigmentation, lightening acne scars and overall brightening the skin. Essentially, lemons tackle most skin problems and for this reason there has been a growing interest in religously using lemons on the skin.

BUT: Lemons have a PH level of 2.0 which makes them very strong for the skin. And so, the following must be kept in mind:

1. Never Use Lemon Directly On Your Face.

    • Lemons should always be diluted with water.
    • OR
    • Lemons should be used in a face mask mixed with other natural ingredients.

    Why: Directly applying lemon on the face can be too harsh for the skin. Lemons contain high acidic levels that can cause the skin to react negatively (i.e skin irritation, redness, rashes).

    2. Do Not Expose Your Skin Directly To The Sun After Using Lemon.

    • Use lemons at night before bed.
    • &
    • Always apply sunscreen.

    Why: The acid in lemons increases the skin’s sensitivity, particularly when the skin is exposed to UV rays. This in return can cause skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, sun spots and sunburns.

    3. Do Not Sleep With Lemon On Your Face.

    Why: Wearing lemon for a long period of time can cause hypersensitive, irritated and dry skin.

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