Warning: Using Lemon On Your Face

In the skin care world, lemons are recognized for their amazing skin benefits. Lemons contain anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that fight acne, remove blackheads and diminish dead skin cells. Lemons are also very high in vitamin c and citric acid, which makes them highly effective in decreasing pigmentation, lightening acne scars and overall brightening … Continue reading Warning: Using Lemon On Your Face


Face Mask: Yogurt, Honey & Lemon

Yogurt, Honey and Lemon are excellent natural ingredients for your skin. Yogurt: Tightens Pores Prevents Fine Lines and Wrinkles Smoothens and Softens Skin Dissolves Dead Skin Fights Acne Moisturizes and Brightens Skin Calms Sunburns Honey: Great Moisturizer Prevents Aging Skin Lightens Scars Helps Unclog Pores Brings A Natural Glow To The Skin Helps Reduce Acne … Continue reading Face Mask: Yogurt, Honey & Lemon