Clean Makeup Brushes For Clear Skin

Hello Lovelies,

For those of you who use makeup, how often do you clean your makeup brushes and beauty blenders?

Many of you may have answered “not that often or every now & then”

Well I would now like to tell you all, unclean makeup brushes are very unhealthy for your skin. Brushes collect bacteria, germs and dirt while they’re laying around in makeup bags with product on them. In worse cases, unclean brushes even attract bugs and insects!

When you use dirty brushes to apply makeup, you’re basically stacking up dirt and bacteria on to your clean skin. This cloggs up pores and causes pimples, oily skin, blackheads and whiteheads.

So lovelies, if you want to maintain the health of your skin, regularly wash your makeup brushes. If you use your brushes everyday, wash them 2-3 times per week and if you use your brushes occasionally, wash them before each use.

Liquid soap, baby shampoo and brush cleaners available at beauty & department stores will all do a good job at thoroughly cleaning the brushes.


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