Clean Makeup Brushes For Clear Skin

Hello Lovlies!

Most of us use makeup, if not all the time, we do so occasionally. During the times we do apply makeup, we do so with the use of makeup brushes and/or beauty blenders.

What some of us however may not do as often as we should is, clean those makeup brushes.

Most of the time, we leave our brushes to clean till after weeks or even a month. I definitely know that I am guilty of this. But this is so bad because unclean makeup brushes can do so many harmful things to our skin.

When we don’t clean our brushes, bacteria, germs and dirt gets collected on to the bristles of each brush. So when we use those dirty brushes to apply our makeup, all of that bacteria and dirt gets transferred on to our skin. In return, this leads to breakouts, clogged pores and dirty skin. This is exactly what we all want to avoid.

But it doesn’t just end right there, worst of all, unclean brushes can also attract bugs! Yes bugs.

To avoid of all these negative outcomes, we should all be cleaning out our brushes as often as possible or once a week atleast.

Both liquid soap and baby shampoo can be used to remove all of the product and bacteria built up on the brushes. There are also many brush cleaners available at beauty stores that will do the job.

Each time you’re using dirty brushes just remember that you’re piling up gunk on to your skin which could be the cause of your breakouts.

Even though you’re washing your face before putting on makeup, there really is no point because you’re bringing all of that dirt back when using those unclean makeup brushes.

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