Rose Water For Your Skin

Rose Water is one of my favourite skin care products. It smells amazing and it’s an instant skin refresher.

Rose Water has mutiple benefits, I have listed them down below:

1. Eliminates redness (rose water has anti-inflammatory properties).
2. Helps cure acne and eczema.
3. Unclogs pores and cleans skin.
4. Refreshes and brightens up skin.
5. Helps get rid of acne marks.
6. Hydrates skin.
7. Prevents wrinkles and fine lines (rose water also has anti-aging properties).
8. Tightens pores.
9. Calms irritated and sensitive skin.
10. Reduces dark circles and eye bags.

Rose Water can be used as a:

1. Toner.
2. Cleanser.
3. Moisturiser.
4. Makeup remover.
5. Makeup setting spray.

I use two different rose water products (both are shown below). One of them comes in a glass bottle. To use, I usually
pour some onto a cotton pad and then gently swipe the product on my face.

The second rose water product that I use comes in a spray bottle. I use the one from a skin care brand called ‘Mario Badescu’. I love this product! It instantly cools and brightens up my skin. Within seconds, my skin transforms from looking all dull to glowy.

It is definitely not necessary for you to purchase rose water, you can always make it at home using rose petals and water!

5 thoughts on “Rose Water For Your Skin


    I like Rose water and I apply it on my face daily with the combination of tomato water and it is more useful instead of using Rose water alone. So I just wanted to say tell it to your readers and it will become more beneficial for them and I am not having such an excellence like you in skin care. So don’t feel that you wrote some wrong and take it only as a suggestion and at last I like the benefits given by you of using Rose water. And Thanks for becoming a part of my blog !!!!☺

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