Sheet Masks

Sheet masks have become very popular and I can understand why. They originated from Korea and are now available almost anywhere, including superstores, Sephora, etc. Besides that, there’s several types and brands of sheet masks, each made out of different vitamins and serums, some of which include rose, green tea, pomegranate, Algae and much more.

Applying a sheet mask is a simple task that doesn’t require much time at all. It’s also not as messy compared to applying a paste mask, which requires you to wash your face after it dries. To apply a sheet mask all you have to do is take the mask out of its packaging and lay it over your face. The face mask is not meant to be applied over the mouth or eye area, therefore, there will be cut outs on the mask to avoid those spots.

Now let’s come to the fun part, which are the results of using this type of mask. Each time I have a sheet mask it has left my skin plump and hydrated. I could visibly see that my face was brighter, more dewy and my skin was glowing just like it does after getting a facial. All in all, I can say that sheet masks are a great at home spa treatment.

A Few Tips for When You’re Using a Sheet Mask:

1. After removing the sheet mask, don’t wash your face. Let your skin absorb the serum that is left over from the mask. This will further improve your complexion and keep your skin hydrated and bright.

2. Use a sheet mask prior to makeup application. Your makeup will glide on to your skin and it will look flawless.

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