The purpose of a facial is to give the skin a deep clean & help it rejuvenate.

A basic facial includes:

1. Exfoliation

2. Extraction

3. Face Mask

4. Creams & Serums

5. Facial Massage

Different facials are offered for different skin needs. Some facials target acne, whereas others focus on pigmentation, fine lines or whitening.

That being said the price of each facial also varies depending on the services included, some start at $40CAD and can go up to over $100CAD.

Immediately after a facial, you can expect your skin to feel light, clean, soft, radiant & glowy.

A few sessions may be required before noticebally seeing a difference in specific skin conditions like acne, acne scarring and fine lines.

All things considered, facials are a great way to pamper and relax yourself.


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